“Art School Varna” is a modern school of painting, created by professionals in the field of digital painting and design. We train young artists, teach them not only how technical to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs, but we share their experiences with them and help them master the work with a graphic tablet. We introduce them also with prominent designers from Bulgaria and abroad as we strive to provide useful demonstrations and various events in the arts, open to every visitor.

All courses organised by us are tailored to the needs of artists. We have special programs for both beginners and more advanced. The groups that were formed at the school are a maximum of 6 people. So we can take time for each participant in the group and make sure that has mastered the material and can practically apply what they have learned.

Entries for the courses are carried out at any time, so now you can see our proposals and to join our friendly and informal environment to build graphic designers!