Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since every project is unique, we could not possibly set fixed prices for our services. To get an idea of the pricing, check out our Showcase including well-detailed Case Studies. Also, feel free to Get a Quote for your own project at any time. No obligations!

    What are your service prices?
  • We specialize in PSD to HTML and WordPress development. Additionally you can check more info at Our Services page.

    What services do you offer?
  • We launched htmlBoutique in 2008.

    How long have you been in the business?
  • We are a small team of in-house developers.

    How big is your company?
  • Fill one of the forms on our website - Request a quote or Contact Us. You can also send us an email - info@htmlboutique.com.

    How do I get a quote?
  • Our timeframes are based on the project size and complexity.

    What is the turnaround time?
  • You can use our contact form or email us - info@htmlboutique.com.

    How can I contact you?
  • Our business days are Monday - Friday. We work from 09:00 - 18:00 EEST (GMT +02:00).
    We typically don’t work over weekends. In case of emergency - contact us.

    What is your schedule?
  • We offer unlimited revisions. Bug fixes and minor tweaks are free. Sizable modifications out of the scope of the initial requirements may be quoted separately.

    Do you offer revisions?
  • Yes. We offer life-time support.

    Do you have after sale support and for how long?
  • We believe that prompt and clear communication is essential for a successful project. That’s why we pair every client with a single project manager who that handles all projects associated with his account.

    Will I have a dedicated project manager for my projects?
  • We are located in Varna, Bulgaria, Europe. Our Physical Address is 8 Neptun Str., 9000 Varna Bulgaria, Western Industrial Area, Floor 3.

    Where are you located?
  • Please contact us.

    I have more questions
Front-end Development
  • We accept PSD, PNG, AI, EPS, CDR, TIFF, INDD, JPG, Sketch.
    Please note that we may require JPG proofs with the actual site dimensions.

    What design files do you work with?
  • Yes. Please send us the files and we will contact you.

    Do you accept flatten design files?
  • We support:
    Microsoft Edge (Windows)
    Firefox latest (Windows)
    Google Chrome latest (Windows)
    Opera latest (Windows)
    Safari latest (Mac)
    Safari iPhone (latest 2 generations)
    Safari iPad (latest 2 generations)
    Android Default Browser (Android latest 2 generations)
    Android Google Chrome (Android latest 2 generations)
    If you need support other browsers, please contact us. We’ll do our best to deliver working product there.

    What browsers do you support?
  • We provide screenshots upon request.

    Do you provide screenshots?
  • Yes. One of the rules in our coding standards is using comments everywhere: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc.

    Is your markup commented?
  • Yes, we do this for every project.

    Can you use SSI (Server Side Includes)?
  • Yes. We include custom fonts where needed. Please note that you’ll need to provide us with licensed font files along with your design files.

    Do you add custom fonts and what's the price?
  • Yes, just add it in the project instructions.

    Do you have experience with the common CSS Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation?
  • We use jQuery for most of our projects. Additionally, if you require different libraries just contact us.

    What JavaScript libraries do you use?
  • Yes. Contact us to get a quote.

    Do you do custom JavaScript development?
  • Yes. We deliver HTML5 / CSS3 by default. If you need XHTML please add a note to your instructions.

    Do you code HTML5/CSS 3?
  • Yes, we do offer this service.

    Can you create a print CSS?
  • Yes. Please get in touch with us.

    Do you do responsive websites?
  • No. If you don’t have designs for the responsive layouts we could style them according to our best judgment.

    Do you require additional designs for responsive tablet and mobile layouts?
  • Yes. Please get in touch with us.

    Can you make my existing website responsive?
  • Yes. Please contact us.

    Do you code Facebook pages?
  • Yes. Please send us a link or an archive with the files that need to be recoded.

    Can you recode existing websites?
  • Yes. Please contact us with more details.

    Can you make some fixes or updates on my existing website?
  • Yes. We can use CSS/JS animations to achieve a similar look & feel.

    Can you convert my Flash website to HTML and keep the animations?
  • Yes. Just add a note to your order.

    Can you make my contact form functional?
  • Yes, we do have experience in working on RTL projects.

    Do you do RTL (arabic/hebrew) websites?
  • Yes. We always keep our code under version control and we use SVN. We can also use GIT for your project if you’d like.

    Do you use version control for maintaining your projects?
  • Yes, we can do this for you.

    Can you upload the files on my server once you are done?
  • We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

    How can I pay?
  • You pay after we complete the project and you’re happy with it. For order value more than $800 we generally require a 50% upfront payment.

    When do I pay you?
  • We use USD (United States Dollars).

    What currency do you use?
WordPress Development
  • In the fee for WordPress integration we have included the base theme setup and blog functionality.

    The following features are included:

    • Latest posts page
    • Category and tag archive pages
    • Static pages template
    • Single post template with comments section
    • Dynamic sidebar (based on widgets section in the WordPress administration)
    • Dynamic menu
    • Styling of the default WordPress widgets (categories list, tag cloud, etc.)

    We can also create a WordPress site which has advanced CMS features (custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom widgets, etc.). For the complex features and advanced functionality we provide a custom quote after we review the project requirements and design files.

    What is included in the price for WordPress integration?
  • After the completion of the project we provide you with an archive containing the WordPress theme files and a MySQL dump file.

    The archive also includes:

    • All plugins which are requested and used for the project
    • Readme file that explains how to use the theme

    Additionally, if you need the static HTML files we can provide them as well. Please note that further changes requested to the WordPress site will not be applied to the static version of the files.

    What can I expect upon delivery?
  • Yes. Usually we install the WordPress theme on our staging server but if you provide us with credentials to your server we can install the project there too. We need the following in order to setup the site:

    • FTP/SFTP credentials (host, username, password, FTP directory)
    • MySQL database login credentials (host, username, password, database name)
    • HTTP URL for the FTP directory

    If you provide us with hosting control panel credentials we will not need additional FTP and MySQL details.

    Can you install the project on my server upon completion?
  • We’ll review the base code and let you know whether we can use it. We may provide a quote for improving it, or refuse to work with it if it’s not built according to the best front-end coding practices.

    Can you create a WordPress theme from existing markup?
  • Yes. Making updates to existing WordPress sites requires detailed investigation of the code’s quality and features of the theme. Please send us a message and we will review your requirements and get back to you with more information.

    Can you make updates to existing WordPress themes?
  • We always prefer to create the WordPress themes from scratch because only then can we guarantee the best quality and pixel perfect results. After reviewing the requirements and the existing WordPress theme/site we can advise you whether we can customize it.

    Can you customize premium WordPress themes?
  • Yes. We provide a life-time support. Minor fixes are free of charge. New requests and additions which are out of the initial scope are quoted separately.

    Do you provide support for the WordPress theme after its creation?
  • Yes. We have experience with several WordPress ecommerce plugins and we will be glad to create a fully functional WordPress store.

    Can you create e-commerce WordPress sites?
  • Yes. Feel free to populate the content on our staging server. Once you are ready we will be glad to help you with moving the whole site to your server.

    Can I populate the content of my site on your staging server? Will you help me in migrating the content to my live site when I am ready?
  • We follow the best practices for WordPress theme development:

    • We never touch core WordPress files
    • We use WordPress plugin API for modifying the administration panel behaviour
    • We don't use deprecated WordPress functions and features

    However, we cannot guarantee full compatibility of our code with future WordPress and plugin versions. That’s why we prefer to make the WordPress core and/or plugin upgrades for you. Just contact us and we will review the needed upgrades and we will advise you how to proceed.

    Will I be able to upgrade my WordPress site if I use your theme?
  • Yes. Please contact us and we will send a link to a demo WordPress administration panel.

    Can you show me an example of a WordPress theme both front and back end?
  • Yes. Please send detailed instructions and designs and we will provide a quote for building a WordPress plugin.

    Can you create WordPress plugins?
  • Yes. We make all sections and pages manageable from the WordPress administration. You won’t need HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge in order to make content changes to your site. We aim to make administration area intuitive and easy to use.

    Please note that we charge extra for integrating content management capabilities. After reviewing the project specifications we provide a detailed price breakdown for all sections.

    Can I edit different sections of the site right from the WordPress administration panel?
  • Yes. However, similar advanced CMS features increase the quote for the project.

    Can you implement featured posts slider in my WordPress site?
  • Yes. Please send detailed instructions for the desired functionality.

    Can you build custom sidebar widgets or shortcodes in my WordPress site?
  • Yes. Please send detailed instructions of the desired functionality.

    Can you create multiple sidebars in my WordPress site?
  • We are mainly focused on the WordPress platform. We can also help you with Shopify and custom PHP projects. Please contact us and check for more details.

    What other content management systems(CMS) do you support?
  • Yes, send it along and we will sign it.

    Will you sign an NDA?
  • We will not publish anything/anywhere without your prior permission. Everything we discuss is kept secure.

    Will you publish my project on your website or anywhere else?
  • We do not claim rights on anything you’ve paid for. It’s all yours.

    Do you claim rights in the final markup?
Html Email Coding
  • We support 53 email clients and mobile devices. For more information - please get in touch with us.

    Which are the supported email clients?
  • Yes. We do this for all PSD to Email projects at htmlBoutique.

    Do you provide screenshots from the tested email clients?
  • Yes. Email clients do not allow external files usage, that’s why all the CSS is inline.

    Do you use inline CSS?
  • You can use Google Fonts or another service, however custom fonts are not supported by all email clients.

    Can I use custom fonts for my email?
  • No. Forms and JavaScript are not supported by email clients.

    Can I use form elements or JavaScript in my email?
  • We make all copy and image areas editable and repeatable. Also, we include template tags for unsubscribe, forward, web version and preferences links.

    When you integrate my template with MailChimp / CampaignMonitor which template tags do you include?
  • Yes. Please mention it in your instructions.

    Can I change the colors, fonts, etc. of my template in MailChimp?
  • Yes. We will do our best. If needed, we may code it from scratch.

    I need fixes / additions on my existing email template. Can you do this?
  • We can code for almost any email marketing tool. Contact us with more details.

    Do you have any experience with other email marketing tools except MailChimp and Campaign Monitor?
  • Yes. Please provide us your login credentials.

    Can you import my templates in my MailChimp/CampaignMonitor account?

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