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3 High-end Coding Services

What We Do

We merge your designs, your vision and our skills to tailor clear & fully functional hand-written code.

After more than a year of dedication and investing time, efforts and knowledge, we’ve developed our own coding standards.
This is our way of guaranteeing that you get semantic, readable, well-structured code every time.

  • Front-End Development

    Get your designs beautifully built into HTML5 & CSS3 high-class code by our coding standards or adapted to yours.

    • HTML5 Semantic Code
    • Responsive Development
    • Retina Display Support
    • Parallax
    • CSS3 and JS Animations
    • Transitions, animations and @keyframes
    • Modular CSS
    • SASS/LESS/PostCSS preprocessors
    • HTML5 Audio & Video
    • Bootstrap, Foundation
    • Testing on Real Devices
    • Gulp Build System
    • Angular
    • Ionic
    • Custom JS Features
    • JS Charts
  • WordPress Development

    Get a perfectly coded & easily manageable responsive WordPress website or plugin, fully customized to your specific needs.

    • Intuitive Content Management
    • WooCommerce Development
    • Custom WordPress Plugins
    • Existing Site to WordPress
    • Design to WordPress
    • Maintaining WordPress Sites
    • Security Hardening
    • Responsive Development
    • Retina Display Support
    • Parallax Effects
    • Custom Animations
    • Custom JS Features
    • Preprocessors Usage
  • HTML Email Development

    Get your email template designs turned into classy and responsive HTML code, compatible with over 40 email clients.

    • Compatibility with 40 Email Clients
    • Screenshots from Tested Email Clients
    • Responsiveness
    • Mobile Devices Compatibility
    • Retina Display Support
    • Design Service
    • Easy to Integrate
    • MailChimp Integration
    • Campaign Monitor Integration
What's your challenge

What’s your challenge? Coding templates with SASS/LESS ?

How We Do It

Simple and transparent 6-step working process, providing smooth communication and high-end results.

  1. Upload your files

    We accept designs in all common formats and we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

  2. Clear the details

    We communicate all project related details to make sure that we are on the same page.

  3. We code it

    You get clear, semantic and functional code in compliance with our or your coding standards.

  1. Quality Assurance

    We review every minor detail of the code quality until it meets the level of perfection you demand.

  2. Preview

    Now that the project is up and running, we provide you with preview links and wait for your approval.

  3. Delivery

    You pay on total satisfaction with the end result and then receive full access to the source files.

Our process
Our Toolbox

Effective, well-known, proven quality tools used to ensure a safe and flawless working experience

Our quality
Braintree / Paypal / Bank Wire
Project Management & Communication
Our client area / Skype / Trello / Phone / GoToMeeting
Version Control
SVN / Git
Internal Communication
Slack / Task management system
Bug Tracking
Bugherd / Custom QA system
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