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    Redesign – the way to go or absolutely no

    How does a redesign sound to you? Exciting? Shiny? A magnet for new leads and customers? Not that we want to be the ones to break it to you, but the truth is that a new eye-candy webdesign could turn into a total fiasco. Marketing researches show that an overhaul to your website might not…

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    How to Design a Powerful Landing Page

    Here you are, standing in front of your beautiful landing page, admiring it. You can almost hear yourself humming “It’s raining clicks” …only to soon figure out, they are not. Oops, what went wrong? Turns out, the secrets of a successful and highly converting landing page lay within its name itself. So, the question is:…

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    Ionic Development by htmlBoutique

    Amazing news from htmlBoutique! As you know, we always strive to be at the cutting edge of technology, so this should come as no surprise for you. We will be very proud and excited to convert your unique designs into fast, powerful and native focused mobile apps, using Ionic. What is actually Ionic? This is a…

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    Parallax – a tool to impress or a total mess?

    “Can you make some parallax?” Well, this is a question we quite frequently get from our clients. Since the innovative technique was firstly presented in 2011, it has become the most successful one so far for conveying sense of motion and 3D depth in a web design. The result? The digital world quickly fell in…

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